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Accommodation in Vanuatu

Variety of holiday accommodation options in Vanuatu

Finding holiday accommodation in Vanuatu should be easy, with many different options available to choose from. Starting from the traditional bungalows or Fares (pronounced Faahr-rays), lodges and motels, to more sophisticated resorts, hotels and villas. Vanuatu offers them all.

  Vanuatu and Port Vila holiday accommodation
All Inclusive Packages

All-Inclusive Packages

When you travel to Vanuatu on your holiday, it's smart to work with your travel provider and obtain all-inclusive holiday packages. They usually include accommodation and airfares, as well as additional extras, especially for family holidays.

Best Family Resorts in Vanuatu

Best Family Resorts in Vanuatu

This Melanesian island archipelago has long held on its customs and traditions, with residents living in harmony with nature. It's a perfect escape into tropical paradise for couples and families. Here's our list of the eight best family resorts in Vanuatu.

Pango Green Motel

Pango Green Motel Planned

For your information purposes only, get some details about this resort that was originally planned to open in 2010. Check for Blue Pango Motel instead, which has in the meantime opened for business and can be found on our Resorts page.

Places to Stay in Vanuatu

Places to Stay in Vanuatu

Of the numerous holiday resorts, bungalows and hotels in Port Vila and Vanuatu, we have selected five amongst the best known accommodation places. They offer excellent service facilities that will suit all budgets.

Vanuatu Resorts for Different Kinds of Travelers

Resorts for Different Travelers

Although sometime neglected in favour of other more prominent tropical destinations, Vanuatu is becoming more noticed by the world travelers. This laidback paradise has a lot to offer to different kinds of travelers, from budget to luxury.

Tanna Bungalows

Tanna Island Bungalows

Tanna island and its volcano is probably one of the most favorite Vanuatu holiday destinations. Tanna provides a great location to relax or look for an adventure. Check these bungalow places for your stay on Tanna island.

Vanuatu Family Resorts

Family Resorts in Vanuatu

If you are planning a family holiday, we have chosen four best resorts where you can stay on holidays with your children. These are some of the best resorts in Vanuatu for families with children, which usually offer family packages.

Vanuatu Resorts Serenity

Serenity of Vanuatu Resorts

When you travel to Vanuatu, leaving your hectic life and work behind, you want to find your peace at holiday accommodation. Here are some of the best resorts in Vanuatu that will offer you calm and tranquility on your holiday.

Wellness Centres

Wellness Centres in Vanuatu

For a true holiday indulgence, choose one of the four great resorts in Port Vila, that are offering top wellness treatments. Get more out of your holiday in Vanuatu and allow yourself to be pampered at these excellent resorts.

Accommodation options

You can book your bungalow, room or villa and look for suitable flight connection from your town. Or, you can choose all-inclusive holiday packages, that will combine your fares and accommodation in one package. Most of holiday accommodation places in Vanuatu also have bed-and-breakfast included in their overnight stay.

Tropical islands' wooden bungalows

One of the most popular holiday accommodation options in Vanuatu are
self-contained bungalows offered by many resorts and lodges in Vanuatu islands.

See the above pages about different accommodation choices available in Port Vila and Vanuatu islands. For a complete list of Vanuatu resorts and other holiday accommodation options, go to Resorts page.

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