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Top Casinos to Visit When Travelling in Australia

Discover Australia's top casinos in Sydney and Melbourne

If you are looking to spend a bit of time in the South Pacific, why not head over to Australia and check out the likes of the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House and all the other great tourist destinations. Only a few hours flight from Port Vila and you will find yourself on Australia's shores.

Australia is the gambling haven of the southern hemisphere, but as Australians are famed for their love of gambling that should come as no surprise as it is so easy to just go online and play. Australians will bet on anything, it is in their blood.

A recent survey found that 87% of adult Australians were at least occasional gamblers. Indeed, Australians are amongst most popular visitors to Vanuatu and patrons to casinos in Port Vila. The table games in Vanuatu casinos are based on Australian casino rules.

Melbourne Crown Casino

Despite this, casinos have arrived in Australia only relatively recently. The county’s largest casino is the Crown Casino in Melbourne. This first opened in a temporary location in 1994 before relocating to its current premises on the bank of the River Yarra in 1997. Today the casino is one of Melbourne’s key attractions and a major landmark.

Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne's Crown Casino is one of the largest casinos in the world and one of the major attractions in the city of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, located on Yarra river.

The complex includes a huge gaming area which includes around 2,500 slot machines and video poker games and around 500 gaming tables which feature all of the usual casino games plus some rather unusual ones. There is a large hotel, numerous bars and restaurants, several night clubs and there is even a transport hub right under the complex so getting to and from the place couldn’t be easier.

In fact the Crown is not only the largest casino in the Country it is one of the largest casinos worldwide, and it is the southern hemisphere’s largest casino. The Crown complex is very popular with Melbourne city dwellers, as well as its visitors. If you're coming in from Vanuatu, there are direct flights from Port Vila to Melbourne.

Sydney Star Casino

Although on a smaller scale, the Star Casino in Sydney is also by most standards a huge casino hotel complex. The gaming area occupies three floors, the first two are open to the public and the third is a VIP area which is by invitation only. There is even a special high rollers sanctum with table limits up to L500,000, almost all Australians enjoy a bet, but obviously some of them enjoy going large.

As well as the gaming area there are over 300 hotel rooms and over 100 private and serviced apartments, a huge theatre, and many night clubs, restaurants and bars, and it is famous for its live entertainment.

Australians love visiting Vanuatu. So, why not top up your South Pacific holiday with the great entertainment offered by Australia's top casinos. It's a great idea for a weekend getaway from your holiday in Port Vila.

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