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Expat Living in Vanuatu

Thinking of making Vanuatu your second home?

This island country has a lot of appeal to those who enjoy a laidback lifestyle, while being able to run a business, or simply enjoy their retirement years in a tropical paradise. There are also many financial advantages to those in the know of making Vanuatu your second home.

  Life in Vanuatu for Expatriates
All You Need to Know About Working Holidays in Vanuatu

About Working Holidays in Vanuatu

If you have visited Vanuatu before and would like to hop over for another tropical getaway, you might consider planning a working holiday here. It's when you decide to have your holiday and do some work, to compensate your travel expenses.

Tips for Buying a Property in Vanuatu

Buying a Property in Vanuatu

If you find a job and move to Vanuatu, or simply want to spend some time living here as an expat, you are likely to look at buying a property here, too. This quick guide will give you some pointers how to go about purchasing a property here.

Find Job Before Moving to Vanuatu

Find a Job Before Moving to Vanuatu

For many people it could be a dream come true - working on a sunny island in the Pacific Ocean. But how do you go about it? The first thing you have to do is find a job in Vanuatu, before you consider to move. Here are some suggestions on how to do it.

Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

After living in the comfort of your own, moving to another country can be an overwhelming experience. It takes some getting used to in your new country and new culture. But if you choose a diverse expat community, like in Vanuatu, it'll make it easier.

Living in Vanuatu as an Expat

Living in Vanuatu as an Expat

This South Pacific island country has been chosen twice as the happiest place on earth! It was also host to one of the earliest Survivor TV shows. So, there must be something magic about this place that attracts both tourist and expatriates coming here.

Keep Family Safe When Moving to Vanuatu During Covid-19 Pandemic

Moving to Vanuatu During Covid-19

Unfortunately the entire world has been faced with COVID-19 situation, making our normal everyday routines no longer so. Plans have to be changed, but if your to move to Vanuatu has to be now, there are ways to do it safe and secure for your family.

Vanuatu Relocation

Relocating to Vanuatu

Being close to Australia's east coast and New Zealand, Vanuatu is a popular destination for those who want to relocate to warmer places. Many Aussies and Kiwis are living here, as are expats of other nationalities.

Things to Leave Behind When Moving Abroad

Things to Leave Behind When Moving

So, you've finally made your decision to move to Vanuatu or elsewhere abroad. It's both exciting and frightening at the same time. Like, what things you should take with you and what to leave behind. These tips might help you make the right choices.

Expat Services in Vanuatu

It's no surprise then that many expatriates from Australia, New Zealand, European and Asian countries, including North America have chosen to make Vanuatu their 2nd home. Some permanently, some as one of non-domicile places to holiday, run a business, or simply retire here. You will find a number of expat services available in Port Vila that can inform you and help you set up properly in Vanuatu.

Westpac Bank building in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Banking is one of the most essential services needed when you move to Vanuatu.
Two of Australia's largest banks have their branches in Port Vila, Vanuatu capital.

Likewise, there are good banking services available in Vanuatu that cater well for expatriate needs. You can get information from the local National Bank of Vanuatu, as well as Australia's Westpac Bank and ANZ Bank (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group). Just walk in their branches in Port Vila city centre district, across the post office building.

See our Vanuatu Banking category for more information about banking in Vnauatu.

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