Vanuatu holiday resorts and visitors guide


Vanuatu Island Holidays and Resorts

Located in South Pacific's crystalline waters, Vanuatu is a tropical paradise, perfect for a relaxing getaway. Tropical islands, sandy beaches, lush vegetation and incredible sea life are only a few reasons to have your holiday in Vanuatu. You will find here lots of useful travel info on Vanuatu islands, Port Vila town, South Pacific, Vanuatu resorts, entertainment and holiday activities.

   Experience ATV Adventure Tours in Vanuatu

Coastal ATV Rides

Coastal ATV Ride

Experience ATV adventure, riding along beach coastline, stop and take pictures and ride to the mountains, to enjoy panoramic views of Mele Bay and Hideaway Island.

Jungle ATV Rides

Jungle ATV Ride

Combine the leisure of riding ATVs and exploring Vanuatu jungle roads and tropical forests, getting close to nature in this adventurous all-terrain vehicle ride for the whole family.

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Notebook, pencil, map, photos, camera, glasses, magnifying glass - all the things you need when you plan a budget trip.

How to Plan a Budget Trip - If you are looking for a budget trip or holiday, Vanuatu is one of the best choices. Visitors from Australia and New Zealand, as the closest countries, can enjoy all-inclusive holiday packages to Vanuatu. But here are 5 ways to plan your holiday expenses.

Exploring Vanuatu on Foot
Vanuatu on Foot 
Go hiking and camping in Vanuatu islands
Kid Friendly Vanuatu Fun
Vanuatu Kids Fun 
There are many kid-friendly resorts here
Things to Know About Vanuatu
Vanuatu Things
How to plan your Vanuatu getaway

Bethel Village Bungalows
Bethel Village
Traditional bungalows outside of Port Vila

Le Lagon Resort
Le Lagon Resort 
Tropical paradise just miles from Port Vila

Cruises in Vanuatu
Cruises in Vanuatu
Pleasure cruises and diving trips

Coral Motel Apartments
Coral Motel 
Budget motel with
self-contained rooms

Scuba Diving in Vanuatu
Scuba Diving 
Explore WWII ship
and plane wrecks

  VANUATU RESORTS - Vanuatu holidays and Port Vila accommodation info

Benjor Beach Club
Benjor Beach Club

Blue Pango Motel
Blue Pango Motel

Breakas Beach Resort
Breakas Resort

Chantilly's on the Bay
Chantilly's on Bay

Deco Stop Lodge
Deco Stop Lodge 

Erakor Island Resort
Erakor Resort 

Hideaway Island Resort
Hideaway Resort 

Iririki Island Resort
Iririki Resort

Mangoes Resort
Mangoes Resort

The Melanesian
The Melanesian

Nguna Beach Resort
Nguna Beach

Sunrise Bungalows
Sunrise Bungalows

  For more resorts in Vanuatu islands, go to the Resorts page.

Vanuatu Holidays and Travel Guide

Everything that you need to know about Vanuatu islands, holiday accommodation, attractions, activities and entertainment can be found on these pages. We trust that you will find this information useful and practical for your planned stay in Vanuatu.


Vanuatu Accommodation

Vanuatu Island Accommodation
You will find a variety of accommodation options in Vanuatu islands, from traditional bungalows to villas and apartments.

All Inclusive Packages
All Inclusive
Accommodation with flights included

Places to Stay in Vanuatu
Places to Stay
Five best resorts and hotels in Vanuatu

Family Resorts in Vanuatu
Family Resorts
Our selection of the best 4 family resorts
Vanuatu Resorts Serenity
Resorts Serenity
Finding peace and serenity at resorts


Vanuatu Activities

Vanuatu Holiday Activities
Whether you enjoy leisurely beach walks, sightseeing, exploring nature, cruising or diving, Vanuatu has it all to enjoy.

Duty Free Shops
Duty Free Shops
Comparison shop at Port Vila stores

Fishing and Cruises
Fishing and Cruises
Choose day or night cruise or fishing tour

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
Horseback rides at the Club Hippique
Golfing in Vanuatu
Vanuatu Golfing
Many resorts have golfing options


Vanuatu Islands

Islands of Vanuatu
Explore this beautiful South Pacific tropical island archipelago, by staying on different islands or do island hopping from Efate.

Ambae Island
Ambae Island
Inspiration for magical Bali Hai paradise

Efate Island
Efate Island
Port Vila home and gateway to Vanuatu

Lelepa Island
Lelepa Island
Visit the island via Lelepa Island Tour
Tanna Island
Tanna Island
Features accessible Mt. Yasur volcano


Vanuatu Attractions

Vanuatu Holiday Attractions
Visitors to Vanuatu can choose from many sightseeing attractions in Port Vila as well as outside of the Vanuatu capital.

Annual Swims
Annual Swims
Swim events in Port Vila and Santo

Bluewater Island Aquarium
Island Aquarium
A natural enclosure on Bluewater Island

Ekasup Village
Ekasup Village
Visit this traditional Melanesian village
Eton Beach
Eton Beach
Pristine and beautiful white-sand beach


Vanuatu Entertainment

Vanuatu Entertainment
Melanesian Feast night is a must for any new visitor to Vanuatu, where you can see local customs and drink kava kava.

Casinos in Vanuatu
Vanuatu Casinos
There are three casinos in Vanuatu

Nightlife of Vanuatu
Vanuatu Nightlife
Restaurants, cafes, waterfront bars

Vanuatu Festivals
Vanuatu Festivals
Learn more about Vanuatu culture
Vanuatu Weddings
Vanuatu Weddings
Popular choice for many new couples


Port Vila

Port Vila Town
Vanuatu's capital Port Vila is the gateway to Vanuatu and the central place for
 many happenings and holiday activities.

Port Vila Cafes
Port Vila Cafes
Best known cafes and snack bars in town

Port Vila Duty Free
Duty Free Shops
Vanuatu's duty free shoppers paradise

Port Vila Markets
Port Vila Markets
An assosrtment of handcrafted goods
Port Vila Restaurants
Vila Restaurants
There are many great places to eat out



About Vanuatu
As a perfect blend of South Pacific charm, Melanesian culture and hospitality, this tropical paradise will surprise you.

Vanuatu Facts
Vanuatu Facts
The country's origins, language and tradition

Vanuatu Story
Vanuatu Story
The true meaning of the word 'Vanuatu'

Family Getaway
Family Getaways
A wholesome fun for the whole family
Things to Do
Things To Do
An abundance of sights and places


Vanuatu Nightlife

Vanuatu Nightlife
When on holiday in Vanuatu, you have a choice of enjoying yourself at some of night entertainment options at your resort, or go to the town for more nightlife fun.

Kava Tasting
Kava Tasting 
Sample this unique islanders' beverage

Vanuatu Bars
Vanuatu Bars  
Try the local coktails at nakamals (bars)

Vanuatu Restaurants
Local Restaurants
Choose between a wide variety of Asian and European cuisine
Vanuatu Casinos
Vanuatu Casinos
For those who like to try their luck at different games

Vanuatu Tours

Vanuatu Tours
There are many ways to explore different attraction that Vanuatu islands offer, via cruises and guided tours from Port Vila.

Diving Excursions
Diving Excursions
Vanuatu is a top diving destination in the South Pacific

Efate Tours
Efate Tours
One of the best ways to explore Efate island is via many tours

Fishing Charters
Fishing Charters
For intrepid anglers there is a wealth of fishing options
Pele Island Tour
Pele Island Tour
Enjoy a day in paradise with Pele Island Day Tour

Vanuatu Photos

Vanuatu Photo Galleries
Explore Vanuatu, its tropical islands and attractions through our 7 picture galleries.

Cascades Waterfall gallery
Cascades Waterfall 
See a top Vanuatu attraction in picture

Feast Night gallery
Feast Night Gallery 
Melanesian feast performers, food, etc.

Port Vila photos
Port Vila gallery 
Vanuatu's capital in town streets' photos
Vanuatu photos
Vanuatu gallery
Explore this tropical paradise via photos

Vanuatu Holiday Activities and Attractions

The South Pacific is famed for crystalline waters, tropical islands and incredible sea life. Vanuatu offers you the best way to enjoy this spectacular beauty. As you might imagine, water activities and in particular diving are some of the most popular activities and attractions in the area.

You'll find numerous dive sites, especially on Efate and Santo islands, from coral reefs to WWII ship and plane wrecks, and much more to explore. Any dive expedition in the islands can be rewarding; however, how do you find the best of the best? What sites offer the most enjoyment? What sites are the best for family dives? How do you charter a dive expedition in the islands?

While snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring are all wonderful ways to enjoy Vanuatu islands, the real beauty and challenge lies in fishing. Fishing is one of the most exciting activities in Vanuatu and offers intrepid anglers a wealth of options.

If you happen to be a golfer and are planning a holiday getaway to Vanuatu, you need not give up on the idea of bringing along your clubs. There are a variety of different golf courses, at many Vanuatu resorts, where you can spend plenty of time on the green during your trip to this lush tropical paradise.

We hope that this site will provide you with most answers to your questions and offer you plenty of insights, tips and advice for your holiday in Vanuatu islands.

See you soon - Mi lukim yu!

How to Plan a Budget Trip

How to Plan a Budget Trip?

When you are busy with whatever responsibilities are at hand, you look forward to taking some time off and taking a trip. But travelling can be costly, so you have plan your trip well to be within your budget. Fortunately, Vanuatu is a great destination that's within most families' budgetary constraints.

Vanuatu ATV Tour Bookings

Book Your Vanuatu ATV Tour

Choose among six different ATV adventure tours in Vanuatu, visiting different locations near Port Vila city and on Hideaway island. All tours include hotel pick up and drop off and an ATV ride along coastline, in jungle or mountains. Get the details on our Bookings page - send your query or book your tour.

Exploring Vanuatu on Foot

Exploring Vanuatu on Foot

This beautiful island paradise is best seen and enjoyed by trekking or camping throughout the islands. Once you arrive on the main Efate island, you will find many hiking and camping options available. But you can also venture out to the outer islands, to further explore all the wonders thic country offers.

ATV Adventures

Vanuatu ATV Adventures

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs (quad bikes) are a fun way to have an adventurous holiday in Vanuatu. It's a fantastic way to enjoy sightseeing, visiting different locations around Port Vila city and Vanuatu. Get some basic information about this adventurous way to experience your holiday in Vanuatu.

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