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Melanesian Feast

Authentic Melanesian Feast Nights are held at many resorts in Vanuatu

Many of the major hotels and resorts organize these special theme nights and feasts that are certainly worth checking out. Most of these theme nights are based around Melanesian style feasts and feature kava drinking, local bands, traditional dress, stories, and local dance customs. If you are curious about local customs and foods, this is an excellent way to satisfy your curiosity.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, previously known as Botanical Garden, located in Mele village, not far from Worawia resort, is considered to be one of the best places to learn about Vanuatu customs, food, flora and fauna. Daily tours are available.

Traditional Melanesian feast is usually made by "earth oven" and features Vanuatu local produce and meats, as well as unavoidable kava tasting, plus local traditional dancers and string bands, coupled by an introduction to local history.

Different earth-oven cooked meals at Melanesian Feast

Traditional Melanesian Feast is served with a variety of earth-oven-cooked meals,
which include local delicacies, such as meat dishes, salads, and fruits.

Solo's Feast

Now defunct, Solo's Feast was held once a week, on Thursday evening. The guests got to experience the best in traditional entertainment, including island music and dances, and earth-oven cooked dishes. They also learned a thing or two about where the locals come from and their history.

Naturally, they also got to try the local drink Kava, also known as Kava Kava herb. It looks, and tastes, like muddy water. But it's something one should try ... at least once. Most of all, every guest enjoyed buffet-style earth-oven cooked dishes, as part of their Melanesian Feast Night experience.

Colourful costumes of Melanesian Feast night performers

Singing and story play form part of Melanesian Feast Night, seen here at Solo's Feast Night,
as are the colourful costumes of the locals.

Feast Nights at Other Resorts

Apart from Melanesian Feast available at the Secret Garden, there are other places in Port Vila that organize Melanesian feasts.

One of them is Crows Nest Nakamal or kava bar, near the Coral Motel. According to, a small kava drink is 50 vatu, while a large one is 100 vatu.

Feast nights are also held at The Melanesian, which includes kava tasting, and Ekasup Cultural Village.

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