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Vanuatu Islands, Holidays and Resorts

Located in South Pacific's crystalline waters, Vanuatu is a tropical paradise, perfect for a relaxing getaway. Tropical islands, sandy beaches, lush vegetation and incredible sea life are only a few reasons to have your holiday in Vanuatu. You will find here lots of useful travel info on Vanuatu islands, Port Vila town, South Pacific, Vanuatu resorts, entertainment and holiday activities.

  VANUATU RESORTS - Vanuatu and Port Vila accommodation info

Benjor Beach Club


Blue Pango Motel


Breakas Resort


Chantilly's on Bay


Deco Stop Lodge 


Erakor Resort 


Hideaway Resort 


Iririki Resort


Mangoes Resort


The Melanesian


Nguna Beach

Sunrise Bungalows


Toa Palm

White Grass Resort 


Worawia Resort


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  VANUATU ACTIVITIES - what to do on your holiday in Vanuatu

Backpacking - hike your way through islands

Diving - Vanuatu offers excellent diving spots

Fishing - Vanuatu offers both reef and game fishing

Golfing - you will find several golf courses in Vila

Shopping - from Vila markets to duty free stores

Cruises - Enjoy great cruise and fishing charters

Club Hippique - for lovers of beach horseback riding

Snorkel - great coral reefs and sea life
Sailing - good honeymoon and wedding spots
Weddings - good honeymoon and wedding spots

  VANUATU ISLANDS - explore this great tropical islands archipelago

images/Volcano-100.jpg images/Port-Vila-100.jpg images/Mural-100.jpg images/Pond-100.jpg images/Feast-Hut-100.jpg
Ambrym - home to Benbow and Marum active volcanoes Efate - home to Port Vila city and Vanuatu gateway with a lot to offer Epi island - enjoy the vast beauty of nature as well as surfing Malekula - offers pristine splendor and an array of local culture Tanna island - is one of the most popular Vanuatu islands

Discover Vanuatu islands and Port Vila town - Vanuatu Holiday &Travel Guide

  Vanuatu Travel News

 Air Vanuatu Pentecost land diving packages and dates released
 Vanuatu featured on French-language Le Figaro Voyages website
 Volcanic Earth releases its new tour of Coconut oil products factory
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  Vanuatu Resorts and Tours
images/Music-band-100.jpg Worawia Resort - family-style holiday island resort with modern facilities
Vanuatu Resorts - offer a variety of accommodation to suit any budget
Pango Motel - new Pango Green Motel opened near Breakas resort
Pele Island Tour - experience a true Pacific paradise on Pele Island
Efate Tours - compilation of the popular tours available on Efate island
  Port Vila Holiday Information
images/Port-Vila-centre-100.jpg Port VilaTown - the capital and the largest city in Vanuatu is the hub of shipping and transportation to other Vanuatu islands
Port Vila Attractions - from Bluewater Aquarium to Underwater Post Office
Port Vila Cafes - a guide to popular cafes and snack bars in Port Vila
Port Vila Restaurants - Port Vila city offers a great dining experience
  Vanuatu Islands Guide
images/Vanuatu-island-100.jpg Vanuatu Islands - most of Vanuatu island names came from James Cook
Island Hopping - your guide to fun and islands exploration in Vanuatu
Popular Islands - find out the most popular islands with the visitors
Efate Island - the main administrative island, home to Port Vila capital
Espiritu Santo Island - the largest of Vanuatu islands, popular with divers
  Vanuatu Entertainment
images/Duty-free-shop-100.jpg Vanuatu Entertainment - plenty to se and do in and around Port Vila
Attractions - Port Vila and Vanuatu offer many unique sightseeing spots
Duty Free - you will find a variety of duty free shops in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Vanuatu Nightlife - you will find plenty of nightlife entertainment in Vila
Vanuatu Casinos - where are Casinos in Vanuatu and what do they offer
  About Vanuatu

 Vanuatu offers the perfect blend of South Pacific charm and culture
 What's the true meaning of 'Vanuatu'? - see answer in
 Vanuatu Story
 Vanuatu - facts about Melanesia, population, language and provinces
 Banks and ATMs - guide to where to find banks and ATMs in Vanuatu

 Brief information about Vanuatu relocation and citizenship

  Vanuatu Holiday Guide

  Vanuatu Guide - basic visitor information about Port Vila and Vanuatu
 There are many activities for visitors at Worawia and around Port Vila
 Entertainment - everything from kava tasting to Port Vila restaurants
 See our Downloads page for some useful, free, visitors' information
 Guests say it better than we do - see Worawia resort testimonials



Vanuatu Photo Galleries
Explore Vanuatu, its tropical islands and attractions through our 7 picture galleries.

Cascades Waterfall
See a top Vanuatu attraction in picture

Feast Night Gallery
Melanesian feast performers, food, etc.

Port Vila gallery
Vanuatu's capital in town streets' photos
Vanuatu gallery
Explore this tropical paradise via photos



Vanuatu Resorts Serenity

When you travel on a holiday to Vanuatu, you want to find a good location to spend some time in peace and to enjoy yourself. Whether you like calm and tranquil places, or want a more active and adventurous locations, you will find many choices available at the many resorts in Vanuatu. Take a look at our choices.


Vanuatu Family Getaway

Traveling with a family? Vanuatu is the perfect holiday destination for you. Many resorts in Vanuatu offer good family package deals and children specials. You will find a variety of offers, which will include airfare deals. But here are five reasons why a Vanuatu holiday is the perfect getaway for your family.


Emae Island

Although seldom visited by travellers, Emae island is one of the largest islands in the Shepherds group of islands, which are part of Vanuatu islands archipelago. A new eco-tourism project could bring more travellers, apart from yachties and divers, to this picturesque island paradise, with sandy beaches and corals.

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Vanuatu, meaning "raising land", is a true tropical paradise located in the South Pacific. This island nation is a little more than a thousand miles east of the north coast of Australia, or a short 2-hour flight from Brisbane, Queensland. Air Vanuatu and Qantas airlines provide regular flights from Australia and New Zealand to Port Vila Bauerfield International Airport.

All of the 83 Vanuatu islands have a tropical or a subtropical environment, which makes it perfect for a relaxing getaway. Visitors to this island nation can keep busy with a variety of fun and exciting holiday activities and attractions.

Vanuatu Holiday

Vanuatu is rich in culture and traditions far different from those of the western world. On your Vanuatu holiday you can see and experience local traditions like kava drinking, Rom dancing, no tipping and not haggling in the marketplace. Land dive on Pentecost island is one the best known Vanuatu traditions, which happens only during April, May and June. Most islands in Vanuatu are strong in terms of traditions and practices, some of which you will innevitably experience on your holiday in Vanuatu. This is a great place to let go and enjoy your time away.

Vanuatu Islands

The island nation of Vanuatu is made up of more than 80 islands and numerous smaller islets. The islands of Efate and Santo have become destinations unto themselves, with their size, importance and numerous sightseeing spots and other activities. Not to mention being home to Port Vila and Luganville cities respectively, which alone offer great many enjoyments to be had. But there still exists a plethora of other islands to explore, many of them completely uninhabited.

While many of Vanuatu islands are relatively inaccessible, one of the best ways to appreciate their unique and natural beauty is to take a cruise among the islands. The other option is to do some island hopping, moving from island to island, which will give you the widest range of attractions and enjoyment.

Vanuatu Resorts

Visitors to Vanuatu will find a wide range of resorts where to stay. Whether you crave affordable accommodations, quaint bungalows, resort apartments, or even hotels in Vanuatu, you will find the right options for you. Bungalows are the traditional style of housing in the islands, so you'll find that majority of Vanuatu resorts and hotels offer bungalows, rather than traditional rooms. Numerous resort in and around Port Vila provide great holiday accommodation and amenities. There are also many resorts spread out through the rural portions of Efate island, almost all of which offer you incredible access to the beach, as well as the best service and amenities.

Port Vila Town

When planning your holiday in Vanuatu you will innevitably arrive first to Port Vila, the capital city and gateway to Vanuatu. Located on the southern shores of Efate island, Port Vila has far more to offer to Vanuatu visitors than the regular sand and water. Tourist can find many things to see and do in and out of the city, things that they wouldn't be able to experience elsewhere. You will find a beautiful blend of cultures in Port Vila - Asian, French, English, and Melanesian cultures all blend in with this beautiful land and interesting people. Visit downtown Port Vila for the best shopping and local handicrafts, head to the ocean for more enjoyment, and then come back to one of the many Port Vila restaurants for a fine dining, or cafes for a quick snack.

The trendy and busy downtown area of Port Vila is home to dozens of restaurants that offer everything from standard bar and grill items to fancy French cuisine. Everywhere diners go however they will find that foods have been transformed, and “fusion” cuisine is the true order of the day. Somehow a simple cup of coffee or fruity cool beverage ends up tasting fabulous when it is sipped alongside, or looking out over, one of the many beautiful scenes that make up the city of Port Vila. At night the town and harbour become alive with night bars and restaurants. For those who enjoy gaming there are also two casinos in Port Vila - Club 21 and Palms Casino.

Efate Island

Efate island is beautiful, tropical, laid back paradise, covered in lush vegetation and palm trees that line the white sandy beaches. If you wander outside of Port Vila and take Round the island tour, you will discover quaint little villages that will welcome you with a tea or coffee and a snack, where you can experience the traditional Melanesian hospitality. Along the way you will discover many hidden coves and pristine white sand beaches, unspoiled by mass tourism. On the northern part of the island you will even enjoy the sights of small offshore islands next to Efate. All part of your tour around the island.

For travel on Efate island outside of Port Vila, 4x4 vehicles are almost required. Coastal roads are easier to navigate and can be accessed with bicycles and motorcycles; however, the inland portions require the use of an off road vehicle much of the year.

Vanuatu Activities

There are numerous ways to occupy yourself during your holiday in Vanuatu. For example, Vanuatu islands are home to numerous events and festivals throughout the year that can enrich your holiday and add immesurable enjoyment and cultural experience. When visiting these tropical islands though, it's only natural that you head to the water. The beaches are gorgeous and plentiful, and the underwater life is abundant. Most people will try snorkeling or scuba diving on their Vanuatu holiday, where you will an abundance of snorkeling and diving opportunities.

The pristine waters around this island archipelago are rich in a wide diversity of fish and sea life. While fishing is more than mere sport for the majority of islanders, visitors on the other hand can truly enjoy the variety of fishing experience available in Vanuatu waters. For those who enjoy more laid back activities, Vanuatu cruises will offer you a great way to get to know the area, by exploring the waters, lagoons, inlets and caves.

No matter what your holiday and sightseeing preferences are, you will find that Vanuatu has plenty to offer, for you to have a memorable and care-free Vanuatu holiday.

See you soon - Mi lukim yu!


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