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Pango Green Motel

New "Pango Green Motel" opens in October 2010

2015 Note - Pango Green Motel was to open up in 2010. In the meantime, Blue Pango Motel has been opened for business. This page about Pango Green is for information purposes only, for those who might be still looking for it online.

Looking towards Erakor Island Resort and facing Pango Ocean, the new Pango Green Motel was set to open its doors in late 2009, then the date was changed to be by mid October 2010.

Unfortunately the building of the motel has never eventuated, possibly due to financial reasons. These details are published for information only purpose. If you're still looking for a holiday accommodation just out side of Port Vila, go to Blue Pango Motel page.

Vacan waterfront property on a Vanuatu island

Experience calm and tranquility of Pango Ocean -
anticipated view from Pango Motel rooms towards Erakor Island

Pango Motel location

This solid-brick self-contained motel is being built on the main road to Pango Village, after passing Pacific Lagoon apartments and three blocks before Breakas Resort. The motel is 30 minutes drive from the Bauerfield (Port Vila) International Airport. The town of Port Vila is 10 minutes away.

The Pango Motel will have 10 rooms - 5 ground-floor rooms and 5 view rooms. Being self-contained means that you'll be able to prepare your own meals. However, it's only a short walk from Breakas Resort, where you will be able to have a meal at the restaurant there.

Grand Opening Specials

The Grand Opening is scheduled for mid October 2010. Grand Opening Specials will be soon announced and the first guests will have the privilage of staying at this brand new Pango Resort at special opening rates.

If you're planning a Vanuatu holiday in October this year, may we suggest you enquire with us. We'll email you Pango Motel's Grand Opening special rates as soon as they become available, with no obligation on your behalf. Use our Booking form to send us your planned Vanuatu holiday dates and we'll give you our best quote when the rates have been decided upon.

Likewise, if you plan to visit Vanuatu in the months after October, or are already planning your Christmas holiday or New Year getaway, drops us a note and we'll be happy to quote you.

Blue starfish on sand

Commonly known as starfish, sea star blue Linckia can be found
in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans.


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