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Port Vila Town

The centre for holiday activities and attractions in Vanuatu

Port Vila has become one of the top holiday and travel destinations in the South Pacific. Visitors to the town will find a wide array of things to do and plenty of good holiday accommodation available.

There are also numerous possibilities available for holiday activities and sightseeing attractions, so you can enjoy the area to the fullest extent possible. A variety of available options are on offer to satisfy any taste and budget.

Port Vila is approximately 2.5 hours of flying time from Brisbane and 3.5 hours from Sydney, Australia. It's a little over 3 hours from Auckland, New Zealand, and an hour or less flying time from Fiji, New Caledonia and other South Pacific island nations.

Port Vila City

The city sprawls around a beautiful sea harbor, nestled in tropical trees. The area enjoys a tropical climate, so you'll never lack for warmth. The dry season has cooler temperatures, while the warmer season brings the life giving rains to this verdant area. Port Vila grew up around native settlements, as well as French and British settlements, giving the area a distinct feel. You'll hear the native language, Bislama, spoken, though visitors will also hear French and English nearly as often.

Port Vila city, Vanuatu

Looking from a hillside above Port Vila, down to its harbour waters and islands,
with Iririki Island Resort seen on the left-hand side of this photo.

Port Vila Attractions

There is an incredible range of holiday activities and attractions in Port Vila that await visitors. Almost every attraction in the area revolves around the natural splendor of the islands. Canoeing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and simply relaxing in the warm, tropical air are all great ways of experiencing this city.

Duty-free store in Port Vila
One of many duty free stores in Port Vila town centre.
Additionally, visitors can enjoy a number of shopping and dining opportunities. Local markets, street vendors, hospitable shopkeepers and artisans await, as do quaint cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Dine on local favorites, or visit some of the waterfront restaurants for fresh seafood.

Duty Free Shopping

Port Vila is especially known for its duty free shopping. Apart from the smaller duty free shops at the airport, there are many larger stores in Port Vila town that offer a variety of duty free items. Most of these stores can be found on the main street in Port Vila.

Numerous tours through the city are available for newcomers, offering them a great way to enjoy the area, without wandering alone. Port Vila harbour is the focus of both commercial and recreational needs. However, the city is ideal for exploration. If you have the desire to explore on your own, you'll find few more hospitable cities in the world.

Bauerfield International Airport

Bauerfield International Airport is located just outside of Port Vila, with taxi services and public mini buses available for incoming visitors. Additionally, many of the local resorts offer both free and paid airport pick up services when you arrive. Just enquire with your chosen Vanuatu holiday resort or hotel.

Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila

A look from an arriving plane at the airport building of Bauerfield International Airport
in Port Vila, just a short drive away from the town centre.

A number of international airlines provide flights to Vanuatu, most of which are coming from Australia and New Zealand. See Vanuatu flights section on the main Vanuatu page here.

The close proximity of this small international airport to Port Vila town gives the area visitors enormous convenience and hassle-free access to their chosen holiday accommodation in town.

This tropical haven will give you an unforgettable holiday experience and an opportunity to get the taste of South Pacific, explore Melanesian culture, all with hospitable and friendly Melanesian people.

  Port Vila - Vanuatu

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