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Issue 63 - May 2010

Vanuatu Wins Best 2010 Booth Award at BFTE

Vanuatu was the hot favourite for the Booth Award at BFTE - Bula Fiji Tourism Exchange. The 15th BFTE was held from 19th to 21st May in Fiji. BFTE is a major showcasing event for Vanuatu and provides a platform for the Vanuatu Tourism Office and the Vanuatu tourism industry to make new business contacts and also update existing wholesalers on latest tourism developments. Vanuatu has its own smaller version of the BFTE, called TOK TOK Vanuatu, and this is where the industry meets mostly the wholesalers from its short haul market. BFTE on the other hand is a useful avenue for Vanuatu to meet contacts from the long haul market.

There were positive comments from delegates who met with Vanuatu sellers, applauding the group on the destination’s well signposted booths, that stood out with a beautiful array of flags and rich colours lining the area in front of each booth, as well as the back walls. Booths gave a sneak peak of three of Vanuatu Tourism’s new creative brand shots, complimented by the white Vanuatu islands logo on red background on either side of the banners. The colours projected the destination stunningly, and the result, Vanuatu winning Best Booth Award.

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