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Issue 81 - November 2011

The Summit Vanuatu - new tourist attraction

On Monday 31st October 2011 the VTO staff along with some other invited guests attended the launch of The Summit Vanuatu’s newest and very exciting tourist attraction. Throughout the day one can discover all the treasures of The Summit Vanuatu. The Summit Estate Limited has land lease totaling 240 ha (wiki: hectare), of which 10 ha is The Summit Garden. The garden was commenced in January 2001 and is still progressing. It is located on the road leading to Devil’s Point just before Benjors Resort as you turn right some 10 minutes drive on the hill top with a stunning view of Mele Bay and beyond. The aim of the owner is to create a world class beautiful garden managed by top level Ni – Vanuatu staff. Facilities provided by The Summit are a real Vanuatu Gift Shop and Cafe. We arrived at the Ticket booth at the top of The Summit road where we were given an official map and visitor guide. With the map we made our way to the parking area which is near The Distillery. (Source: VTO Island Nius)

LGS Music Festival in Santo

Santo bands and artists in contemporary and custom music are coming together this weekend to create a harmonious, clean & safe environment in Santo by using music as a tool for communication and education. Two big band names in Australia “Raz Bin Sam” and “East Journey” will also be jamming alongside Santo’s top acts. The music festival in Santo which kicks off tonight Friday 4th November 2011, aims to improving environmental awareness and activities among the people of Santo through music, organize an annual festival which will promote the Lukaotem Gud Santo vision, create income-generating opportunities for local Ni Vanuatu, provide Santo’s musicians with training by international bands & the opportunity to play live at a large-scale event, and unite the many different cultures residing in Santo in a harmonious and respectful manner by presenting their custom dances & music at the festival.

Breakas Beach Resort Vanuatu

Press Release: At last there is a less expensive accommodation alternative in Vanuatu to provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a truly memorable family friendly holiday in paradise – 16 of the most user friendly holiday Villas ever designed.

The configuration of each Villa provides a multitude of choices:
a - Oceanfront rooms with pool, kitchen, balcony, BBQ.
b - Oceanfront hotel rooms, or a combination of both types so providing glamorous accommodation for up to 8 guests in a complete oceanfront Villa.
All of these magnificent Rooms/Villas are absolute ocean front on the beautiful Breakas Beach at Pango.

Until recently these Villas have been managed by Breakas Beach Resort but owing to their adults only policy many guests were confused about the separation of areas for family use. All shareholders have agreed to a friendly split to alleviate any on-going confusion and accordingly from the 1st December 2011 the 16 existing Villas adjacent to Breakas will become surfside on breakas beach and become completely family friendly, all children, all ages.

Fourth Vila-Noumea Service for Air Vanuatu

Media release: Air Vanuatu has announced they’re introducing a fourth Vila-Noumea service with their ATR-72 aircraft. The extra flight means that Air Vanuatu now offer more options and better flight times for both inbound New Caledonian tourists and Vanuatu locals looking for a quick break away. The new service means Air Vanuatu will fly to Noumea on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

“We’ve got our timings rights too – with flights allowing for weekend or long weekends in both Vila and Noumea,” Mr. Laloyer said. The timings will allow convenient connections to Tanna and other outer island ports for the inbound tourists. “Until such time as airport facilities in Tanna allow for direct international flights, we’ve ensured the schedule allows for through flights for New Caledonians,” Mr. Laloyer said. With fares to Noumea starting from 30,000vt, more seats and better timings than any other airline, Air Vanuatu is confident the fourth service will be a success.


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