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In order to provide you with more information on Vanuatu holidays and resorts as well as latest news in Vanuatu, we continue to add new pages and update this site on a regular basis. This index of new pages will help you quickly locate and click through to the most recently added pages of interest to you. Index of the most recent new pages can be found at the bottom of our Vanuatu holidays home page.

How to Plan a Budget Trip

How to Plan a Budget Trip?

When you are busy with whatever responsibilities are at hand, you look forward to taking some time off and taking a trip. But travelling can be costly, so you have plan your trip well to be within your budget. Fortunately, Vanuatu is a great destination that's within most families' budgetary constraints.

Vanuatu ATV Tour Bookings

Book Your Vanuatu ATV Tour

Choose among six different ATV adventure tours in Vanuatu, visiting different locations near Port Vila city and on Hideaway island. All tours include hotel pick up and drop off and an ATV ride along coastline, in jungle or mountains. Get the details on our Bookings page - send your query or book your tour.

Exploring Vanuatu on Foot

Exploring Vanuatu on Foot

This beautiful island paradise is best seen and enjoyed by trekking or camping throughout the islands. Once you arrive on the main Efate island, you will find many hiking and camping options available. But you can also venture out to the outer islands, to further explore all the wonders thic country offers.

Kid-Friendly Vanuatu Fun

Kid Friendly Fun in Vanuatu

There are many reasons to visit Vanuatu and have your holiday here. An increasing number of visitors to this country over the past few years only proves that. It's a popular destination for families who want to escape the daily treadmill. Many Vanuatu resorts offer great all-inclusive family holiday packages.

Things to Know About Vanuatu

Things to Know About Vanuatu

These tropical islands are an exciting destination that's only 3-4 hours away from Australia's east coast. But to make the most of your holiday to Vanuatu, it's good to plan ahead and know what to expect when you arrive. Here's a quick guide to things to know before going to Vanuatu.

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