Vanuatu holiday resorts and visitors guide

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Index of newly added pages on this website

In order to provide you with more information on Vanuatu holidays and resorts as well as latest news in Vanuatu, we continue to add new pages and update this site on a regular basis. This index of new pages will help you quickly locate and click through to the most recently added pages of interest to you. Index of the most recent new pages can be found at the bottom of our Vanuatu holidays home page.

Vanuatu Location

Location of Vanuatu

Unless you are from the nearby countries, you might wonder where exactly is Vanuatu country!? This group of more than 80 islands is located in the South Pacific, in the Melanesian group of island countries. Vanuatu islands are close to New Caledonia and Fiji islands, Australia and New Zealand.

Hiking Trails in Vanuatu

5 Hiking Trails in Vanuatu

If you are looking for a different experience in Vanuatu, apart from beaches and water activities, hiking could be your ticket to a fun holiday. These islands offer many interesting treks, from easy ones to adrenaline-boosting ones. We explore 5 of the best hiking trails in different parts of Vanuatu.

Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

Guide to Moving to Vanuatu

This popular South Pacific holiday destination is also home to many an expat from different countries, who have made Vanuatu their new home. Moving to another country is a major undertaking that can be an overwhelming experience. Take a look at our quick guide to moving to Vanuatu islands.

Winter Holidays in Vanuatu

Guide to Winter Holidays in Vanuatu

If you are an international traveller, especially from the northern hemisphere, you will find Vanuatu your perfect winter holiday escape. This South Pacific holiday destination is only a few hours flight from Australia, popular with divers, sea fishing and yachting enthusiasts, hikers and nature lovers.

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