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Drinks, dancing and kava tasting in Vanuatu

Vanuatu's capital, Port Vila town, offers a wealth of activities, accommodations and shopping. It is also famous for the wide diversity of dining options around the city. You can easily make the most of your trip to the islands with the best meal ever in one of these amazing eateries.

Resorts offer great options for your dining pleasure, but the local restaurants cannot be discounted. They provide a wide range of culinary delights to please your palate. You will also find quite a few bars and nightclubs in the city, providing you with the drinks and dancing you need for enjoyment.

Bar cocktails
While many Vanuatu bars or nakamals involve kava tasting, there are also regular bars
at resorts that provide day and night drinks and entertainment.

There are many different Vanuatu bars or nakamals (kava tasting bar) located throughout the islands. Be sure to check with your hotel’s reception desk to find out about some of the better ones located in the area where you are staying.

Best Vanuatu Bars

Ronnie’s Nakamal, the Red Light Nakamal and Shefa Nakamal are considered to be among the best Vanuatu bars. A number of the hotels also typically offer theme nights in which you can enjoy a special kava tasting. If you have never tried kava drink before, this is a great way to get acclimated to this drink, which is certainly unique, to say the least.

Latitude 1744

The award-winning The Terrace, at Breakas Beach Resort, offers a la carte dining by the ocean. It features some of the best international cuisine and an incredibly romantic location, with wonderful views of the lagoon. After your meal, head down to Latitude 1744 beach bar. Bare feet, native dress and fun are the rule here.

  Nighttime Entertainment in Vanuatu

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Kava Tasting

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Vanuatu Bars
Vanuatu Bars

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