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Vanuatu Diving Excursions

One of the best diving destinations in the world

There are certainly plenty of reasons to visit Vanuatu, including its superb natural beauty, fishing opportunities, duty free shops and casinos, Melanesian culture and customs. But one of the main reasons that so many people travel to Vanuatu each year is to take advantage of the great diving. Vanuatu is known as one of the best diving sites in the world due to the warm water, accessible dive sites and incredible visibility. The wide range of dive sites only adds to the reasons that Vanuatu has become a diving mecca.

Rich marine life

Beneath the warm waters surrounding this lush tropical island is a landscape that surprisingly mirrors the terrain of the island. As you dive beneath the crystal clear waters you will find expansive caves, underwater tunnels, grottoes, overhands, plunging cliffs and mountains. Throughout this varied landscape, there is marine life everywhere. From soft corals to literally thousands of tropical fish, the sights beneath the waters off the coast of Vanuatu are something to behold.

Colourful tropical fish in an underwater reef
Colourful underwater reefs and marine life attract many divers
to various Vanuatu islands' diving sites.

As if all of that were not enough to tempt any diver; the wrecks lying on the bottom of the ocean floor would certainly be enough to make this tropical location one of the best diving sites in the world. There are plentiful planes as well as one of the largest shipwrecks in the entire world.

Island of Efate

One of the most popular places to begin your diving adventure is on the island of Efate, in the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. Here, you will find numerous dive businesses. Each operation offers something that sets it apart from the others. If you are a beginning diver, you can take an intro dive on one of the reefs that lies close to the shore. The excursion includes a short lecture and either a shore or boat dive. Equipment is even provided if you do not have your own.

Red tropical fish at an underwater shipwreck
Underwater ship and plane wrecks, left over from the WWII,
make Vanuatu islands
a popular diving destination.

For more experienced divers, there are also plenty of exciting and challenging dives as well. For example, you might consider taking a longer cruise that will transport you to some of the islands situated north of Efate. These remote locations offer deeper waters and plenty of adventure, including the opportunity to dive near the edge of an actual live volcano.

Espiritu Santo island

Of course, no dive trip here would be complete without taking a dive to the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, which sank during World War II and still contains war machinery. It's one of the largest shipwrecks in the entire world. The diving site is located on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu's largest island.

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