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Vanuatu Festivals

Annual Events and Festival Celebrations in Vanuatu

If you'll be traveling to Vanuatu, there are numerous ways to occupy yourself during your trip. However, Vanuatu islands are home to numerous events and festivals throughout the year that can enrich your vacation and add immeasurable enjoyment. What events can you find? Where are they located? Here's a quick list of Vanuatu festivals celebrations that you can attend when you journey to this South Pacific paradise.

Pentecost Land Dive

The celebrated inspiration for bungee jumping, the natives of Pentecost annually leap from tall, wooden towers with nothing but vines securing them. This festival runs from April 5-16, from May 3-31, and from June 7-28, though only on Saturdays. Numerous tour companies incorporate this unique Naghol into their offerings.

Melanesian male dancers in Vanuatu

Various festivals in Vanuatu usually involve native dancers performing for the visitor,
sometime done without any music - just vocals and dancing sounds.

North Ambrym Magic Festival

Come celebrate island magic in a real way with the magicians and native dancers on Ambrym Island. This festival runs from July 21-23. Guests will see Rom dancing, spirit summoning, magic (sorcery) demonstrations and much more. Local planting methods, hand-catching methods for fishing and other local specialties will also be showcased.

Fanla North Ambrym Arts Festival

Held in July, the Arts Festival features incredible native dancing, including Rom dances, custom village tours, handicraft displays and sales, as well as much more. Lunch is provided in the form of an authentic village feast. While this festival is put on for the benefit of visitors, it is also a real festival, celebrating the heritage and culture of the island.

Telecom Volcano Run

Relay run in Port Vila
The annual relay run in Port Vila attracts local and international participants and spectators.

Held annually in February, in Port Vila, this run offers fun and enjoyment for spectators and runners alike.

This is an incredible, unique tradition in the islands and should not be missed, as one of the best Vanuatu festivals.

It attracts runners from different countries, especially from Australia, New Zealand and some of the nearby Pacific islands.

Ladies Classic Fishing Championship

Held in late February every year, this championship tournament is designed to benefit the game fishing industry in the islands. The event is tons of fun for participants and has a festival-like atmosphere for observers.

Vanuatu Pacific Swim

This event, known locally as the Rossi to Rossi swim, boasts more than 200 swimmers and is an incredible race through the ocean waters around the islands. This is an incredible display of strength and endurance, as well as being a ton of fun for all. Vanuatu Pacific Swim is one of the best known Vanuatu festivals.

Kiwanis Port Vila Race Day

Horse racing, island-style, is the only way to describe this event. Numerous horse races take place throughout the day, as well as a party atmosphere all around. You'll find hundreds of people in attendance, live food, live music and more.

These are some of the most important Vanuatu festivals. There are many other local events and festivals - just enquire with your friendly Vanuatu host. Our Vanuatu Guide provides the list of Vanuatu Public Holidays.

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