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Vanuatu's 7 Most Unique Attractions

Some of the amazing attractions you will encounter in Vanuatu only

The warm waters of the Pacific Ocean are the home to a cluster of 83 tropical islands with diverse beauty and elegance. Vanuatu is a land of glorious white sand that brims the beach, the cheerful smile, and hospitality of the locals, the fascinating culture, the villages that stand to narrate the beauty of the old times, the gorgeous blue hole and the ferocious active volcanoes.

They all meet up in these islands to give an exciting and enthralling experience to witness once in your lifetime. Of course, while all these mesmerizing sceneries take you away, the culture and cuisine of the place will blow away your mind with its unique style. Vanuatu`s is a tourist paradise to submerge yourself in raw beauty. And if you like to enjoy some unique attractions that Vanuatu has to offer, then here are seven amazing ones to try.

White sand beach and crystal clear water in Vanuatu islands

The beauty of Vanuatu's tropical islands will have you mesmerized and coming
back for more, including the following seven of the most unique attractions.
(Source: Brisbane Airport - )

1. The Underwater Post Office:

The enchanting sceneries of the beach of these islands are, of course, amazing to experience. But, how many times would you get the chance to send a postcard, underwater? The world's only underwater post office is in the Vanuatu islands in a tropical reef of the Hideaway Island. You can enjoy some snorkeling and also send a fantastic postcard to your loved ones from underwater. The area is blessed with abundant marine life, and you would like to witness some blissful colors of fish and other sea life.

2. The Lelepa Island Tour:

Although the islands are a prime tourist destination, there are still some unexplored nooks like the Lelepa islands. The pristine seashore of this island filled with glowing white sand is the perfect spot to relax in a hammock. This island also houses the most beautiful coral reefs in the cluster and is the ideal place to enjoy some snorkeling. The jungle on the island is an adventurous journey through the sandy paths and stones. This place brims with flora with abundant varieties of medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs, and mesmerizing greenery. Do not forget to grab some unique handicraft pieces from the local market here that would make a lovely souvenir.

3. Ambae Volcano:

When the calm ambiance of the beach and lifestyle starts to bother you, it is time to visit a bold and adventurous feature of Vanuatu islands, Ambae Volcano. This is an active volcano site, and you would have to witness its enraged activity only from a distance. But it is among the most treasured features of these islands and the opportunity to witness a volcano spouting smoke and ash is a once in a lifetime chance. Apart from Ambae, you can also take a guided tour to Tanna Island and enjoy a tour around Yasur volcano. This volcano is the world's most accessible site. You can watch the magma brightly lit in orange and glowing under the starlight. Gear up to take an adventure tour around this area and explore the terrains of this region. Add a sturdy rack like a land rover discovery roof rack to safely carry your tents and luggage.

Vanuatu's Ambae volcano awakes

If you are looking for nature's true live show, pay a visit to one of Vanuatu's active
volcanoes, such as the one of Ambae Island. (Source: Island Life Magazine)

4. Amelbati Cannibal Site:

Bounded by coconut and cocoa trees, the Vanuatu islands were home for the Amelbati tribe. Although the tribes have left most of the islands today, there are various places of significance to their culture that remains within the islands. Amelbatu Cannibal site is one such destination which is about a 30 minutes trek uphill from the Wallarano village. The site is the sacred ground of the tribe where they buried their chiefs. The location is known as Nasara, which was the epicenter of these communities where many rituals took place. The Nasara was also the place for cannibalism. This site is split into 4 parts - a ceremonial place, a kitchen, a courtroom and a cemetery for the chiefs. After the last reported cannibalism in 1969, this site today is a tourist destination that will offer a unique experience of the local tribal culture and practices.

5. The Million Dollar Point:

Yes, you heard it right! The Million Dollar Point is among the most famous tourist locations in Vanuatu's islands. History says that the US army chiefs had a surplus of military supplies after WWII and had no way of eliminating them. The US government then decided to utilize a large base in Espiritu Santo Island and dump tons of excess equipment in this region. You can go on an adventurous scuba tour and visit the military supplies including jeeps, tanks underwater in this area. The rustic underwater museum is a beautiful place to explore some of the most fascinating military equipment. This place will give you a fresh perspective on scuba diving compared to other parts of the world.

Diver at the Million Dollar Point wrecks

At the end of WWII hostilities, the US Army in the Pacific decided that it's cheaper
to dump many of their heavy suppliers than to carry them across to the USA.
(See the video:

6. The Bravehearts of Pentecost:

If you have a fascination for bungee jumping, then Pentecost is where you need to begin exploring it. The region has a sport which inspired bungee jumping. Pentecost gives an authentic experience of its local bungee jumping style. The locals erect monumental towers during the festive season which are ready between April and June. The tower at this time bears witness to some braveheart land divers, who will jump with a thin rope from vines attached to their legs. As you get closer to the ground, you can feel your adrenaline rushing. You can interact with the locals and explore the villages nearby after this adventurous sight.

Land diving on the Pentecost Island

For a truly authentic experience in Vanuatu, head over to Pentecost island,
sometime between April and June, for their annual land dive ceremony.
(Image source: Wikipeadia)

7. Mele Cascades:

Your adventure in Vanuatu is never complete unless you immerse yourself in the gorgeous waterfall. The crystal clear water reflecting the glorious aqua tones feels like a private pool party destination. You can enjoy the 20 minutes trek to this place among lush greenery and aroma from the herbs. The waterfall has rich flora brightly lighting it in red, yellow, orange. One of the most picturesque sites of the region, Mele Cascades is a place to relax. After you work up an appetite with the massage of the waterfall visit the Tusker, a local brew that will satisfy your hunger with outstanding delicacies.

These locations are some of the tasteful experience worthy of trying in Vanuatu islands. With so many offbeat things to do in these gorgeous islands, make an inspiring itinerary that will guide you to explore the real beauty of Vanuatu.

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