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Travel Bug 43

Issue 43 - September 2008

Vanuatu Fashions at Global Market Day Expo in Brisbane

The Global Market Day Expo was held Friday 12 September at Arana Hills Church of Christ Brisbane Queensland Australia. BLONG MI Fashions was invited to display along with other businesses and individuals products that are ethically produced in countries around the world. There were stalls selling products from India, Indonesia, Africa and Vanuatu.

Tony Healey, Owner Manager of Blong Mi Fashions, reported that it was an overwhelming experience and a privilege for him and his wife Sharon, to meet other like minded people. It was the Healey’s first Global Expo Show, but Sharon and Tony are already looking forward to their next, to not only just show & sell their wares but also put the effort into promoting Vanuatu as a holiday destination.

Tony & Sharon utilized posters provided by the VTO, and handed out Tradewinds Resort brochures where they stayed at in their recent visit. Customers happily accepted and some are looking forward to taking a Vanuatu holiday after meeting the Healey’s. Tony says that it was a pleasure meeting people who had already visited Vanuatu (mainly cruises) and a few even approached their stand and spoke Bislama. “Every one of these customers had fond memories of the country and it's friendly people”, Tony mentioned. Currently, Tony & Sharon are putting together a Holiday Prize Draw of 5 nights accommodation and flights for two to Vanuatu to be drawn November 28th. This will be open to Blong Mi’s valued customers and subscribers to the Blong Mi’s monthly newsletter who are mainly from the US and Australia. (Source: VTO Island Nius)

Tanna's Mt Yasur Volcano Activity Stable

After the previous volcano activity bulletin of Mt Yasur volcano, the observations of the officers of the Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources (DGMWR) in the last few days with the collaboration of the scientists of Hamburg University (Germany) who are carrying the research works on the Yasur Volcano shows the activity of the Yasur volcano becoming lower with few big explosions per day but still variable. This means the explosions may be very violent at times after a long period of calmness to cause volcanic bombs projections outside from the crater rim. This state of activity remains stable. The data recorded by the permanent monitoring station close to the volcano from 17th august 2008 to 15th September 2008 prove that the activity of this volcano remain high.

This is a reminder to the visitors that the Alert Level of the activity of Mt Yasur Volcano remains at Level 2 according to the Vanuatu Volcano Alert Level (VVAL) system. This means that the volcanic activity is moderate to high (variable) and the visitors should observe the volcano from the distance away from the volcano crater. The safest recommended point of observation would be from the Parking area of the volcano. Visitors and Tourism agencies are advised to seriously consider this information until further notice. (Source: VTO Island Nius)

VIT Island Night in October

Get ready for a fun night of music, food, drinks, & dance at the VIT Island Night scheduled to take place at Saturday 4th October, 7pm. The event is hosted by Hospitality Tourism Students of VIT, in the school hall. The evening will present custom dancing, island songs, cultural fashion show from 6 provinces, food from every province, all this and more for 1500vt per ticket. The aim of staging such event is to become a learning exercise in Function Management for the students, and the profits will go to fund the student body. If you are interested to buy a ticket, hurry as tickets are running out fast. This will be a fabulous opportunity for visitors & the community to take a peep and witness all our cultures presenting dances and songs at the one fundamental venue for the Vanuatu Tourism Industry. (Source: VTO Island Nius)

Educational Tour of New Zealand

Once again the Hospitality Tourism Leisure Centre has achieved another first as 18 of its students from 2007 and two trainers flew to New Zealand to partake in a two week educational tour starting this week on Wednesday 17th September, 2008. During their stay they will meet staff and students of the Auckland Technical college. An exciting Programme of Learning, the gentle immersion of the two cultures and  many educational activities have been planned. In addition, the students of Vanuatu will sit in classes, and meet students in Hospitality. The two Trainers are Madam Marie Paul a Tourism Trainer and Mr John Sam Head of Department, HTLTC The Manager in his farewell speech to the Students asked them to learn as much as they can on this tour, keep the flag of Vanuatu flying high and be good ambassadors of both the Training Centre and the Country. This has been made possible due to the Generous funding of the European Union. Mr. Adrien Mourges from the European Union was there to present the Airline Tickets. (Source: VTO Island Nius)

Barista Vanuatu Competition to be Held in November

On the 13th and 14th November, Vanuatu will hold it’s annual International Barista Competition and entrants are invited now! Participants and visitors to Port Vila over the two day event will see why Vanuatu is fast becoming known as the café centre of the South Pacific. International Barista judge, Rob Forsyth from Sydney Australia, will oversee the event and judge the entries; there will be some fabulous prizes to be won. Last year, local Port Vila café waitress from the island of Tongoa, Elizabeth Sam, won the major prize of a return trip to Sydney, courtesy of Air Vanuatu with accommodation provided at the beautiful Four Points Sheraton Hotel!

The competition will be held again in conjunction with the Salon Culinaire, now know as the Origin Energy Culinary Art Show, in the spectacular grounds of the newly refurbished Le Lagon Resort. “Our first competition held last year was such a success that the Barista Vanuatu is now an annual event on the Vanuatu calendar” said hotel owner and one of the Barista organizers, Joanne Wade of Poppys on the Lagoon. “The atmosphere around Port Vila during the competition time and the prizes alone, including air fares, are enough to draw the entries, and what an unbeatable location for an international event, it is a lot of fun. I would encourage anyone thinking of entering this year to look at the official web site and ask for an entry form now” continued Joanne. Major sponsors of the 2008 Barista Vanuatu so far include the ANZ bank who sponsor the official web site, Air Vanuatu, Poppys on the Lagoon, Le Lagon Resort, Friendly Bungalows on Tanna, Tanna Coffee, Airports Vanuatu and the Vanuatu Hotels & Resorts Association. All the major resorts of Vanuatu are offering special deals to visitors to the destination at this time. Entries can be made on the Barista Vanuatu official web site (Source: VTO Island Nius Media Release)

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